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Wordless Wednesday: Electric


Stony Creek

Stony Creek

Stony Creek Metropark is a 4,000+ acre nature park in the middle of the Detroit suburbs. Fishing, biking, boating, and hiking abound in this urban oasis. Its so strange to think when you are hiking along wooded paths and fishing in the 500 acre lake, that people are sitting in traffic, honking their horns just outside the park gates.

Stony Creek has been on my list of places to visit all summer. I have seen some absolutely fabulous photos of this place from other photographers. Of course, the day I finally decide to go, it is completely overcast and dreary. That means field and lake landscapes are definitely out of the question. But, overcast days provide the best lighting for detail shots. This visit really helped me expand my photographic repertoire and look outside the box for inspiration.

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