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Wordless Wednesday: Christmas Tree

Christmas in Brazil

Getting in the Holiday Spirit

Big Red Replica

Recently, we kicked off our Holiday celebrations with a trip to Meijer Gardens for their Holidays Around the World celebration. There were Christmas Trees decorated to represent cultures around the world, an outdoor light display, and my favorite part was the train garden. Throughout one of the Victorian greenhouse, beautiful, intricate, wooden replicas of Grand Rapids landmarks were put together around a model train track. I really liked the Big Red Lighthouse perched along a river near the base of a waterfall. Also represented were Fifth Third Ballpark, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, and replicas of buildings in Grand Rapids’ sister cities:  Omihachiman, Japan; Bielsko-Biała, Poland; Perugia, Italy; the Ga District, Ghana; and Zapopan, Mexico.

All in all, Meijer Gardens puts on a beautiful celebration of the holiday season. If you are in the area, Holidays Around the World runs until January 7. I would recommend you go the week before Christmas when they have extended hours to best enjoy the outdoor lights. Be sure to bundle up so that you can check out the sculpture garden in its winter glory!

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Wordless Wednesday: Garden Path

Garden Path

Wordless Wednesday: Wildflowers


Wordless Wednesday: Orchids


Butterflies & Sculptures

Butterfly on Leaf

Every spring, butterflies abound at the Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids! I’ve always wanted to visit during Butterflies are Blooming! In the caterpillar room, you can see caterpillars crawling and forming their chrysalides. Then, walk into the tropical greenhouse where 50 different species of butterflies soar high and stop on the flowers for a quick drink. You could see Monarchs, Golden Birdwings, and Common Morpho who is tan on the outside and bright blue on the inside. In the gardens, the flowers weren’t yet blooming, but it was a good time to explore the sculptures without the heat and the crowds.

About the Photo:
Shooting butterflies is a great learning experience for photographers. If you want to learn to shoot in manual, small, fast moving subjects are a great way to learn! A zoom lens with fast shutter speeds and high ISO are needed to freeze the motion and capture the tiniest details. This was a single RAW exposure, with basic edits done in Lightroom. This was shot at ISO 3200, which with my entry-level DSLR is quite noisy, so I did a lot of noise reduction as well.

Camera Gear:
Nikon D3100 with 55-200mm f/4-5.6 lens handheld.

Date Taken:
March 28, 2016

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Frederick Meijer Gardens

B-Tree II 66/10
When I am in Grand Rapids, one of my favorite places to visit is Frederick Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park. Meijer gardens is a very unique in that it is a mixture of nature and art. As you walk the winding paths of the sculpture park, you see interesting works modern tucked behind beautiful flowering trees and gardens. This photo was taken in the sculpture park from underneath B-Tree II, a sculpture by Kenneth Snelson.

For the plant lovers, the gardens are made up of several distinct areas: the shade garden, the Japanese Garden, and the Farm Garden. The Japanese Garden is the newest addition to the park and features unique Japanese landscaping including bridges and lanterns, surrounding a central pond.

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Wordless Wednesday: Purple Flower

Purple Flower

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