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Flashback Friday: Butterfly on Flower

Wordless Wednesday: Star Flower


Wordless Wednesday: Frosted Rose

Frosted Rose

Wordless Wednesday: White Rose

John Paul II Rose

B&B Trip Report: Norfolk Botanical Garden

Norfolk Botanical Garden

After leaving Williamsburg, we decided to make a stop at the Norfolk Botanical Garden and make use of the Reciprocal Admission Program. This is a huge garden that even has a river and offers boat tours as another way to experience the landscape. We decided to take the tram around the garden to get an overview everything they have to offer. The botanical garden is home to approximately 250 Crapemyrtle Trees, which is the official tree of Norfolk. They also have a rose garden made up of over 3000 rose plants (which you will see on this week’s Wordless Wednesday). For more information about the gardens, visit NorfolkBotanicalGarden.org.

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Wordless Wednesday: Orchids


Wordless Wednesday: Broken Lily

Broken Lily 47/100

Wordless Wednesday: Peony

Peony 5/100

Wordless Wednesday: Purple Flower

Purple Flower

Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the Air!

I got out and raked leaves today! And under those leaves I found little green sprouts! Soon we will be in full bloom! I can’t wait to get out with the camera and capture it! I love spring!

This photo is of crocuses blooming. What I love about this shot is that not 2 inches to the right of the frame, was a big ol’ pile of snow! But enough had melted and the crocuses popped up, signaling that soon it would be spring!

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