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Spring on Leelanau Peninsula

Spring on the Peninsula

During our recent time in Traverse City, we decided to head to Leelanau State Park for sunset. We were a little early for sunset, so we headed out to the Lighthouse at the tip of the Peninsula. The clouds were really interesting at this point in time, but looking at this photo, you can see movement in the clouds. A little closer to sunset, we headed up to an overlook that looks over the dunes and the bay below. This would be an amazing spot for sunset if the sun was in a different spot in the sky.  According to The Photographer’s Ephemeris, the middle of June would be a great time to photograph the sunset at this spot. So, we continued on towards the beach and by this point, clouds have rolled in and the sun could only be seen in the opposite corner of the beach, so this shoot was kind of a bust but I was able to get this kind of interesting, reflective shot from the beach near the lighthouse. The moral of my story, not every shoot results in breathtaking images. Sometimes, you have to just relax and enjoy being outside and try another time.

Above I mentioned The Photographer’s Ephemeris. I recommend TPE to every photographer! You are able to put your pin at a photos spot on a map and it shows you where the sun and moon will be in the sky at any given day.  Obviously it can’t tell you what the cloud cover will be like, you’ll need your favorite weather app for that, but the web app is free and there is mobile app for when you are on the go. It was integral to planning our Chateau Grand Traverse shoot from a few weeks ago.

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Wordless Wednesday: Scott Fountain

Scott Fountain

Wordless Wednesday: Fall on the Farm

Fall on the Farm

Wordless Wednesday: Presque Isle Vista

View from Presque Isle

Wordless Wednesday: Winter Blues

Gem in Nassau

Detroit Hidden Gem

Lighthouse & Ice

When planning our Belle Isle trip, Chris did some research into other photo-worthy spots in Detroit. One spot he found was the Windmill Point Lighthouse in Mariner Park, which is right on the border of Detroit and Grosse Point Park. This area is sometimes referred to as the “Venice of Detroit” and as we drove in, I could see why. The homes are situated on canals that run to the river. Every home seemed to have a boat on a lift. I never knew anything like this existed in the city! If I’ve piqued your curiosity, check out this photo feature on Daily Detroit from a few years ago.

So, I had no idea this “Canal District” or this lighthouse existed. And it seems like no one else knows it exists either. We visited on an unseasonably warm Saturday in January and it was just us and a border patrol agent on his lunch break. If you search online for Windmill Point Lighthouse, it doesn’t seem like a lot of photographers have discovered this spot either.

Like many Michigan lighthouses, this one has an interesting history. The original lighthouse with an light-keeper’s quarters was built on this spot in 1848. In the 1920’s the Public Health Service acquired the land for a new Marine Hospital. The main tower of the light was left standing and was converted to an electric light while the keeper’s quarters were demolished to make room for the hospital. The hospital was torn down long ago and the area is now known as Mariner Park. Looking at old photos, both the lighthouse keeper’s quarters and the hospital were beautiful buildings. I wonder what they would look like today if they were still standing. (LighthouseFriends.com)

About the Photo:
When we made this trip, I really wanted to get a shot of the ice in the river (I did get this one). When we got there, I really wanted to get both the ice and the lighthouse in one shot. Well, both the fence and my lens made that kind of difficult. This was one instance where I wish I had a wider lens! This was a single RAW exposure, with basic edits done in Ligthtroom.

Camera Gear:
Nikon D3100 with 18.0-55.0 mm f/3.5-5.6 lens handheld

Date Taken:
January 2016

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Wordless Wednesday: Lighthouse Shadow

Lighthouse Shadow

Wordless Wednesday: Blue Sky Windmill


Duke Chapel

Duke Chapel

Durham, North Carolina is home to Duke University. The one thing that sticks in my mind about Duke is how stunningly beautiful the campus is. From the gorgeous architecture in Duke Chapel to the natural beauty of the Sara P. Duke Gardens, Duke’s campus stands out in its beauty. When I visited the chapel, the choir was practicing which really adds a haunting element to the architectural beauty.

About the Photo:
This photo has been one of my favorites for a while. I love how the light comes down by the steeple; it adds an angelic nature to the shot. This photo was taken with my first digital point & shoot camera and edited with Google’s free photo editing software, Picassa. I’m not saying that my photography hasn’t improved with a DSLR, the ability to shoot in RAW, and Adobe editing software, but I strongly believe you can take a quality image without all of those things, especially when you have a beautiful subject.

Camera Gear:
Kodak EasyShare CX7300 point & shoot

Date Taken:
March 2008

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Disney Magic

Castle up CloseWalt Disney World is a place I’ve been more times than I can count. Growing up, we visited every year. The Disney parks are one of the few places I can successfully navigate without a map (or GPS). There is something about seeing Cinderella Castle that just makes me feel like I’m home.

Not to get too Disney Nerdy on you but I love what Disney is doing with technology right now. At first, when I heard about Magic Bands (for those of you who are not in the Disney loop, you wear a bracelet that acts as your ticket and your room key) I was skeptical. I’m not someone who typically likes to wear things on my wrist. I was not a LiveStrong bracelet girl, but maybe I’m changing because I’ve had a FitBit on my wrist for over a year now. When we were in Disney, I LOVED my Magic Band! I didn’t need to carry a wallet to hold my ticket so if I didn’t want to bring my camera, I left the bag in the room and went into the parks with nothing. The super planner in me loved that I had everything planned in advance. Yes, some people feel like spontaneity is ruined with the pre-planning of meals and fastpasses, but I think the planning adds to the fun. And with all the additions and changes they’re making to the parks its hard to wait a few years between trips! If you’re thinking about a Disney vacation, I highly recommend talking to a travel agent. They really do take the stress out of all the planning that goes into a Disney vacation these days. I’m not affiliated with any agency, although if you’re an agent and are looking to advertise, send me an email!

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