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Long Walks on the Beach

Long Walks on the beach

Recently in my Instagram Travel Challenge, I was given the prompt “Your first…”. Yes, it was a very vague prompt and I wracked my brain to think of a first ever travel memory that I have documented in pictures. I am very blessed in that I got started traveling before I was the one taking pictures so I don’t have a lot of pretty pictures of my firsts.

One of my first photo adventures was also my first backpacking trip, hiking North Carolina’s Mountains to Sea Trail. We hiked the Sea part of the trail, walking from Nags Head to Ocracoke, over 60 miles in 6 days. It was a lot of work, but a good part of the trail is undeveloped seashore with absolutely breathtaking views. I want to go back some day, but this time, bring a car.

About the Photo:
This trip was before I had my DSLR, so all of the photos were taken with a compact Samsung point & shoot. To be honest, that is kind of a blessing, because now I would want to add 20 lbs of camera gear to all the other stuff you have to carry when you go backpacking and my bag was heavy enough as it was! So, this isn’t the highest quality photo, but I love the trail of boot prints in the sand! I did basic edits to this shot using Google’s free editing software, Picassa.

Date Taken:
May 2009

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Great Stirrup Cay

Sun Sky Sand 18/100

When I booked my recent cruise, the ports were definitely not the biggest selling factor. Florida and the Bahamas were definitely not on my bucket list. I have to say, Great Stirrup Cay (Norwegian’s Private Island) really surprised me. I’m not really a lay-on-the-beach kind of person; I’d much rather Go, See, and Do (thus, the name of this blog) but we rented a clam shell on the beach so I wouldn’t melt. It felt good to relax, read my book, and just enjoy being in paradise.

We also rented Stand Up Paddle-boards and that was a lot of fun. Although, I have to say it is much harder than it looks. It was nice to be out on the water, making the most of our time in the Bahamas. If this is something you would like to try, renting paddle-boards (or any other watersport) at Great Stirrup Cay is a great option. It was much cheaper than any of the excursions in the other ports.

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