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#igtravelchallenge June: Street Art

Ludington Street Art

When I saw the topic for June was street art, I was worried. This really isn’t a topic I photograph often. Before my last trip to Ludington, the only street art I’ve photographed was the post card painting in Key West (below). I remembered that when I visited Ludington last year, they were working on a park downtown with these vibrantly colored, locally inspired, murals. I had to stop and snap some photos for the travel challenge. I like this one,  which depicts the SS Badger, the car ferry that transports passengers from Ludington to Wisconsin (Manitowoc, Wisconsin for you Making a Murder fans).


My mom & I in Key West

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#igtravelchallenge May: Great Skies

`Lighthouse & Lens Flare

When talking skies, I had to go back to my trip to the Silver Lake Sand Dunes. Rain was on the forecast, but we decided to take the chance and drive up there anyway. The results were stunning! We got beautiful shots of the rain falling over Lake Michigan. I learned my lesson, that’s for sure! Don’t let the weather deter you from exploring and photographing!

About the Photo:
When I saw the sun in the sky this day, I knew it was the perfect candidate for a sunburst! To do this, you’ll want to be in Manual or Aperature Priority Mode on your camera and set a small aperture (larger number). I recommend starting around f/16 and taking shots, each time getting a smaller and smaller aperture. Especially if you are shooting RAW, you may not see the results on the back of your camera, but once you import it into Lightroom, pull out the highlights and you should see a sunburst in the sky!

Camera Gear:
Nikon D3100 with 18.0-55.0 mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens, handheld

Date Taken:
April 1, 2016

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#igtravelchallenge April (Snow) Showers

April (Snow) Showers Towards the end of the #igtravelchallenge for March I was given the prompt “Its still winter here”. I was very happy to announce that it was spring in the lower peninsula. Well, just a few days after that post, I was celebrating spring break in West Michigan. One morning, towards the end of the week I woke up to this. It was beautiful so I had to go out and take some shots, but it was also freezing and I was not happy about that. Especially because The Weather Channel recently announced that March, April, and May were supposed to be unseasonably warm. Does this look unseasonably warm to you? I am happy to announce, that Mother Nature has realized her mistake and we are back to the beautiful spring weather I was expecting!

About the Photo:
This was a single RAW exposure with basic edits done in Lightroom.

Camera Gear:
Nikon D3100 with 18.0-55.0 mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens, handheld.

Date Taken:
April 2, 2016

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